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Texas Fetal Center

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The Texas Fetal Center is a leader in providing diagnosis, treatment and complete care for mothers with high-risk pregnancies and babies with congenital anomalies or genetic conditions.

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Contact Us

UT Professional Building
6410 Fannin, Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77030

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Phone:      (832) 325-7288

Toll free:   (888) 818-4818

Fax:   (713) 383-1464


About Us

Watch the video above to learn about:

  • Our experience, rankings and history of firsts
  • Prenatal testing and interventions
  • Maternal fetal medicine consultation

Our Team

Fetal Center Home team
The Texas Fetal Center Team is a multi-specialty group of medical experts and care coordinators brought together to provide the most comprehensive care for mothers and their babies.

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The Texas Fetal Center is the leader in treating rare congenital anomalies and genetic conditions including:

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Diagnostics and Treatment

Fetal Center DiagnosticsThe center offers a complete range of prenatal testing and interventions with a coordinated program for mother and child before, during and after birth. The team of experts will develop a tailored, comprehensive plan of care for both mom and her babies.

Each consultation will include an enhanced ultrasound to help determine key indicators for high risk conditions. In addition, a personalized consultation with a certified genetic counselor will be scheduled to identify inherited risk factors. Equally important to the consultation process is a personalized nutrition plan created by a registered dietitian. Once these tests and assessments have been completed, the parents will meet with a maternal fetal medicine expert to review results and outline a plan of care.

The Center offers the full spectrum of fetal therapies, including complex open fetal surgery and laser photocoagulation for TTTS.

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The Texas Fetal Center, located in the Texas Medical Center, is a collaboration between Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. The center is a national leader in research studies, being one of only eight centers nationally to be included in the NICHD Network. Current research includes:

  • Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies
  • Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • Gastroschisis
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

For more information about the Texas Fetal Center, please call (832) 325-7288.