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Pregnancy Complications

All pregnancies carry the risk for complications; however, some pregnancies have a higher risk for potential problems that can affect the mother, baby or both. A variety of factors can cause high-risk pregnancies, including:

Complex high-risk pregnancies involving a birth defect or genetic syndrome usually require consultation with several specialists, a variety of diagnostic tests and/or therapeutic procedures over multiple visits. At Memorial Hermann, the team of specialists offers one-on-one support, education and convenient care with a personally tailored program for each patient.

In addition, Memorial Hermann offers antepartum care for expectant mothers who are not quite ready to deliver. Most patients, if close to delivery and having contractions, will go directly to a labor and delivery unit, but some may stay in the antepartum unit initially, depending on their specific condition. Memorial Hermann works to accommodate the needs of each individual patient to provide the highest level of care available.