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Pediatric Orthopedics

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Sports Medicine

Young athletes present a unique challenge for orthopedic treatment because these patients are still growing, making them more prone to injuries since the growth plates are typically the weakest part of the skeletal structure.

The Pediatric Sports Medicine program at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital specializes in successfully treating young athletes, including young children, preteens and teenagers, with an individualized approach, matching the treatment to specific patient needs, including age and activity level. In addition, we take into consideration any underlying developmental issues in the young athlete that may make the individual more prone to sports injuries. This helps us get to the root of the problem rather than just treat the symptom.

The two most common types of injuries in the young athlete are overuse and growth plate injuries. Overuse injuries occur due to the repetitive nature of some sports in which the body doesn’t have a sufficient recovery time. Overuse injuries can lead to growth impairments or other long-term health-related issues. Growth plate injuries are more commonly referred to as fractures and typically occur at the wrist or in the leg bones, ankle, foot or hip.

The most common sports injuries treated in young athletes are:

  • ACL tears
  • Fractures
  • Hip injuries
  • Strains and sprains
  • Throwing injuries

Any treatment plan designed for the young, growing athlete starts with the least invasive option available. Our physicians will include sports therapy and rehabilitation along with other non-operative care. If surgery is the most appropriate treatment, we employ the latest in arthroscopic surgical techniques to minimize recovery time.

Our sports medicine program, in collaboration with the IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute and Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, seeks to bring the full complement of medical resources to every treatment phase, while maximizing patient outcomes.

Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialists

Dr. Alfred Mansour

Alfred A. Mansour, III, MD

Dr. Alfred Mansour specializes in pediatric sports medicine and pediatric trauma, as well as adolescent / young adult hip deformity and preservation. Dr. Mansour holds a dual fellowship in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine and currently serves as the team physician for the Houston Rockets. Read more »

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Dr. Lindsay M. Crawford, MD

Lindsay M. Crawford, MD

Dr. Lindsay Crawford specializes in pediatric scoliosis and spinal deformity, pediatric limb deformity and orthopedic trauma. Dr. Crawford holds memberships in the following organizations: American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America, and Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society. Read more »

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Dr. Lindsay M. Crawford, MD

Shiraz Younas, MD

Dr. Shiraz Younas’ research and interests include pediatric trauma, scoliosis and limb deformity. Dr. Younas is currently working on projects that include quantitative preoperative templating for scoliosis surgery, pediatric hip fractures and perioperative pain control in elbow fractures. Read more »

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Dr. Surya Mundluru

Surya Mundluru MD

Dr. Surya Mundluru’s research and interests include limb reconstruction and complex congenital malformations, pediatric trauma, sports, cerebral palsy, early onset and adolescent spinal deformities, and pediatric foot deformity.Read more »

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Dr. Jessica Traver

Jessica Traver MD

Dr. Jessica Traver’s research and interests include treatment of skeletally immature athletes, ACL injuries and psychological readiness for return-to-sportRead more »

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