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Pre-Participation Cardiac Screening

Prescreening children who participate in sports can improve detection of heart abnormalities and reduce the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.  To learn more about steps to take to ensure children are healthy and safe to participate in sports, click above to view an educational webinar featuring Faustino Ramos, M.D., a pediatric cardiologist affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

In this webinar, Dr. Ramos discusses the importance of pre-participation cardiac screening for young athletes as well as information related to cardiovascular conditions, including:

  • Background on and causes of sudden cardiac death (SCD), the leading non-traumatic cause of death among young athletes
  • The basics of pre-participation cardiac screening, which is done in office by physicians affiliated with the Children’s Heart Program
  • An update on new criteria for interpreting electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG) that can check the heart’s electrical action to reveal damage or irregular rhythms
  • A brief outline of additional testing available for children that fail the initial cardiac screening

The pediatric cardiologists at the Children’s Heart Program offer screening services and additional testing options to children during consultation. To contact the Children’s Heart Program or make an appointment for a cardiac screening, call:  832-325-6516.

For more information on scheduling a pre-participation cardiac screening, please contact us: