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Retinoblastoma Treatment



How is Retinoblastoma Treated?

Treatments for this eye condition include chemotherapy – intra-arterial, intravitreal, systemic/intravenous or periocular. Other treatments include laser, cryotherapy, radiation or surgical removal of the eye. For more detailed information about the options, please view Dr. Amy Schefler's video presentation above.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and its affiliated specialists offer intra-arterial chemotherapy for the treatment of retinoblastoma. This treatment requires a large multispecialty team that includes close collaboration between an ocular oncologist, an endovascular neurosurgeon and a medical neuro-oncologist.

Injecting chemotherapy directly into the arteries that feed the eye eliminates the side effects of systemic chemotherapy and allows for the delivery of a high concentration of the medication directly into the tumor bed. The technique, which saves eyes, is new and a paradigm shift in the treatment of retinoblastoma.

Physicians affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and the Mischer Neuroscience Institute are also engaged in research investigating other new ways to save eyes that have failed conventional therapies.