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Top Ten Things to Bring From Home

Staying at the hospital can be a stressful experience. The Children's Patient Advisory Council has come up with this list of the top ten recommended items our patients should bring with them from home to make their stay at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital as comfortable as possible.


Blanket, Pillow and Stuffed Animal


iPod, iPad, Cell Phone, Laptop (Electronics)




Toys and Games


Comfortable Clothes and Slippers


Toiletries, Make-Up and Perfume/Cologne


Pictures of Family, Friends and Pets, Posters and Room Decorations


Books and Magazines


Snacks, if OK with the Medical Staff


A Positive Attitude!

Children's Patient Advisory Council

The Children's Patient Advisory Council (CPAC) is a fun way for current and former patients of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital to get involved and make a difference at the hospital.

For more information on CPAC visit our informational page here »