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Parent's Survival Guide 2016

Children's Memorial Hermann partnered with Houstonia Magazine to put together a parent's survival guide filled with patient stories, parenting tips and advice from our affiliated physicians. Click on the links below to learn more.

Chloe’s Journey with Dysautonomia


With the right doctor, a patient finally figures out what’s wrong, then sets out to overcome it.

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A Smile So Sweet – Jacob’s Cleft Lip Story


A successful cleft lip surgery gives an entire family a reason to grin.

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Bending the Curve – Mya’s Scoliosis Story


A teenager stands taller after surgery for scoliosis.

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One Step At A Time


A Remarkable Recovery From Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

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How to Prevent Stings and Bumps

Most people know someone allergic to bee stings. But did you know that mosquitos, flies, fleas and tarantulas can also cause allergic reactions?

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Postpartum: Those First Few Months

Having a child can be one of the happiest events of a woman’s life. But childbirth itself is no easy feat. The physical, hormonal and emotional changes it causes can give any mom a case of the baby blues.

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The New Mother’s Diet

New mothers hear plenty about what not to eat during pregnancy. But what should they eat?

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Which Shots When?

August is Houston’s back-to-school month and, of course, crunch time for parents. On the list along­side buying school supplies and uniforms is making sure children get the appropriate vaccinations. Here are general guidelines to make sure your child is ready before classes begin.

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Newborns and the Period of Purple Crying

As parents, we’re proud to show off pictures of our kids. Much less common on social media are selfies of sleep-deprived faces caused by hours of infants crying. But babies will cry, for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all.

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Type 2 Diabetes in Kids on the Rise

Diabetes is a relatively well-known illness, yet it’s still misunderstood. Type 2 is most common in adults and is “mainly seen in overweight populations”

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Childhood Sleep Dilemmas

Ah, the trial of getting your youngsters into bed – and making sure they stay there the entire night. After bedtime stories, many of us do the nightly patrol to check for monsters under the bed and in the closet.

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More helpful insights for parents are available in our guides from 2014 & 2015.