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Parent Guide 2015 Banner

Parent's Survival Guide 2015

Children's Memorial Hermann partnered with Houstonia Magazine to put together a parent's survival guide filled with patient stories, parenting tips and advice from our affiliated physicians. Click on the links below to learn more.

A Separate Peace: The Copeland twins, previously conjoined, go to college

Copeland Twins ThumbThey spend their days consumed by full coursework loads and mountains of reading, even as they navigate their newfound independence and cope with living away from home for the first time.

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Groundbreaking surgery to fight spina bifida

Faith Thumb

Colette and Ivan Hagler credit their daughter’s health to a combination of medical science and divine will

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Pregnant after 40: One woman's story


As fall of 2011 approached, Jennifer Sailors was 40 years old and in the prime of her life, little did she new she was in for quite the surprise

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Kids and Concussions

Sandberg Thumb

The number of concussions among U.S. high school athletes more than doubled between 2005 and 2012, according to a recent study published by The American Journal of Sports Medicine. On a positive note, many experts think these statistics reflect parents’ and coaches’ growing knowledge about concussions, rather than an actual increase in these traumatic brain injuries.

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Understanding Pediatric Heart Murmurs

Dr. John Beinholt-thumb

Most of us know that heart murmurs are unusual sounds that come from the chest, but what do they mean? Are they always dangerous? Dr. John Breinholt specializes in treating heart issues in young patients, including congestive heart failure and congenital heart disease. He told us all about heart murmurs, as well as his work with young patients.

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Common Reasons for Child ER Visits

When summertime arrives, it is all but guaranteed that Dr. Samuel Prater will see certain injuries. Follow Dr. Prater’s tips to keep kids out of the ER and avoid these preventable accidents.

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Kids and Happiness

How important is it for kids to be happy? Parents are constantly bombarded with messages and warnings about depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, which is why we asked Dr. R. Andrew Harper this very question.

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The effects of over-prescription

What’s a conscientious parent to do? Dr. Victoria Regan, a pediatrician affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, gave us the 411.

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Debunking Medical Myths

It may seem like the advice doctors give parents has been the same since time immemorial. Truth is, however, when it comes to kids and health, conventional wisdom is ever-evolving. Dr. Ann Schroeder Lee, debunks some of these common myths.

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Kids and Technology

It is difficult enough for adults to manage the constant barrage of technological innovations thrust upon us every day – We asked Erin Dempsey about the challenges technology presents for her family every day.

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Step by Sweet Step

Babies grow and change so rapidly, it’s normal to want to hit the pause button and savor every sweet minute. It’s also normal to wonder, amid all these changes, whether your little pride and joy is developing, well, normally.

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More helpful insights for parents are available in last years' guide.