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Children's Patient Advisory Council
Mission, Goals and Responsibilities

The members of the Children's Patient Advisory Council (CPAC) are an important part of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. CPAC's projects and members are guided by the council's mission and goals listed here.


  • To give power to the patient's voice.


  • To represent the patient's voice and play an integral role in improving the patient experience at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.


To enhance the patient experience at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital by:

  • Advising staff and the administration on issues regarding hospitalization and treatment as experienced through the eyes of a child.
  • Contributing to the education of health care providers.
  • Serving as a vital link between the hospital and the community.
  • Keeping children's issues as the focal point at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.
  • Improving patient and family satisfaction with care received.
  • Discussing issue that are important to children during hospitalization, outpatient and emergency room visits and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Enhancing the quality of programs and practices related to children.
  • Being viewed as a unique organization making a difference in the lives of sick or injured children.
  • Establishing an identity within the hospital.
  • Participating in planning of facility renovations.

Member's Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be committed to improving care for all patients and family members.
  • Attend council meetings regularly and support council projects whenever possible.
  • Have a spirit of mutual respect and teamwork.
  • Be willing to express views honestly in a group.
  • Be willing to listen to different views and encourage other members to share viewpoints.
  • Work collaboratively with others whose background and style may be very different from yours
  • Reflect on personal medical experiences and also on that of family members.
  • Reflect on issues and priorities that are different from your own.
  • Show an ability to think things through, to talk clearly and to express self in writing.
  • Talk with adults and children of different ages.
  • Channel ideas, information, needs and concerns of patients, siblings and other children to hospital administrators and staff.
  • Contribute ideas regarding program and policy development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Review recommendations submitted to the council by staff and administrators.

Organizational Structure

  • Children's Patient Advisory Council reports to the CPAC facilitators, consisting of two Child Life Specialists and a nurse.
  • All decisions are made by majority vote of the members present. Members alone have decision-making power.
  • Agendas are set using input from members, CPAC facilitators and Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital administrators wishing input from CPAC.
  • A CPAC facilitator will type and distribute the minutes to members prior to the next meeting.
  • All discussions at the meetings are confidential but members can share information with their parents to get guidance and insight.