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Children's Patient Advisory Council By-Laws

On this page are the by-laws for the Children's Patient Advisory Council (CPAC) at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. If you are considering applying to be a member of CPAC please review the by-laws and make sure you qualify for membership.


  • Members must be between the ages of 10-17 during the application process.
  • Members must be/have been a patient at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.
  • Members serve a 1-year term minimum.
  • The council will consist of up to 20 members.
  • The council will have 3-4 CPAC facilitators that include at least one Child Life Specialist and 2-3 other hospital staff members.
  • If 3 meetings are missed, the CPAC facilitators will re-evaluate the member’s status.
  • Members must be in good standing with their school and in the community.


  • The Council meets once every month on the third Tuesday from 6:30-8:00pm.  There may be additional meetings due to special events.
  • The meetings will be 1.5 hours in length at a predetermined location.
  • The meeting agenda and minutes will be distributed to all appropriate individuals.
  • The meetings will be led by the President and the Secretary will record the minutes that will be distributed to the members and hospital administration.
  • If a member will miss an upcoming meeting, the member is responsible for notifying a CPAC facilitator.
  • Cell phones will not be allowed during the meeting.

Parental Involvement

  • Parents support their teen's involvement in the Children's Patient Advisory Council
  • The parent(s) assumes responsibility for transportation to the meetings and activities, but do not participate in the meetings.
  • The parent(s)/member complete release forms for HIPAA privacy, medical release, and photo release. Pictures may be used for various projects or publicity. The purpose of photographs and committee member information will be shared with parents prior to usage.

Membership Selection

Member recommendations are received from Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital personnel. All recommendations must go through the CPAC application process.

Qualities to consider when making recommendations are:

  • Extent of healthcare experience.
  • The applicant's willingness to express feelings, share experiences, ask questions and share ideas.
  • The parent's commitment to support their child in this group and to provide transportation for their child to and from the meetings.
  • The applicant's ability to maintain interest in a 1-2- hour meeting.
  • CPAC facilitators have the right to terminate membership at their discretion.

Officer Selection and Responsibilities

  • Members must have been on CPAC for at least one year prior to holding an officer position.
  • Members must be in good standing with attendance by missing no more than 3 meetings the year prior to be considered for an officer position.
  • Members selected as an officer must be willing to attend additional hospital meetings when necessary to represent CPAC.
  • Members selected as an officer must be able to attend meetings up to 1 hour early for an officer meeting and/or the week prior to the council meeting.
  • The selected officers must be willing to attend an “Officer Orientation and Workshop” in the summer to plan for the upcoming year.
  • Officers must respond in a timely fashion to emails and phone calls from CPAC facilitators and other officers.
  • Applicants must interview with hospital administration or staff after submitting their application before being considered for an officer position.
  • Members selected as officers must be willing to meet with the outgoing officer of their new position before the council year ends.
  • All officers must serve as role models to the other members of CPAC in both behavior and actions.
  • Hospital staff will select officers from the applications submitted.

Officer Duties/Responsibilities:


  • Facilitates/Leads meetings with guidance from CPAC Facilitators.
  • Communicates any issues, concerns, ideas to CPAC Facilitators.
  • Serves as the CPAC Liaison/Representative for the hospital and/or administration.
  • Facilitates communication between council members, officers, and facilitators in between meeting dates regarding council meetings, events, and projects.
  • Writes the agenda for each council meeting.
  • Sends reminders via GroupMe.
  • Oversees the council’s small groups.
  • Plans and organizes the End of the Year Party.

Vice President

  • Be willing to assume the responsibilities of president for any reason.
  • Coordinate the beginning of the year “Meet and Greet” for the council.
  • Reads the Summary of Actions from the previous council meeting at each meeting.
  • Keeps record of attendance at all meetings and events, including officer and regular council meetings.
  • Serves as a leader in one of the council’s small groups.


  • Takes minutes for the Summary of Actions during the meeting.
  • Keeps record of attendance
  • Types out and emails Summary of Actions to CPAC facilitators by Friday immediately following the meeting.
  • Serves as a leader in one of the council’s small groups.


  • Takes pictures at meetings and events.
  • Creates an End of Year slideshow.  
  • Be willing to communicate with CPAC facilitator and marketing representatives from Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital regarding CPAC events.
  • Updates CPAC Bulletin Boards in Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital
  • Serves as a leader in one of the council’s small groups.

New Member

  • Welcomes the new members.
  • Coordinates and plans ice breakers for all the council meetings.
  • Communicates with the new members via email or text following meetings and answers any new member questions about CPAC.
  • Serves as a leader in one of the council’s small groups.