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Surviving a Plane Crash - The Flynt Family Story

On a beautiful summer evening, the Flynt family decided to go flying in their private plane. As they were taking off on their second flight that night, Gary Flynt, a NASA engineer and flight instructor, was at the controls when the engine quit unexpectedly.  Gary made a quick turn to land in the open area of a nearby park. Before he could safely land the plane, high-tension power lines caught the right wing and flipped the plane over, causing it to crash land in a nearby baseball field.  One of the coaches at the  baseball field called 9-1-1. Also onboard that night were Gary’s wife Linda and young son Jonathon.  Miraculously, all 3 survived the crash and were conscious when EMS arrived at the scene.  The family was taken by Memorial Hermann Life Flight® helicopters to Memorial Hermann -Texas Medical Center, where all of their extensive injuries could be treated under one roof. Young Jonathon had deep cuts on his knees and needed orthopedic surgery for his jaw. His mom Linda was treated for a neck fracture, crushed carotid artery and intestinal damage.  Gary was having difficulty breathing and had dislocated his right elbow, crushed his nose and split his upper lip.  Today, the family is still recovering from their injuries, but they are grateful that Memorial Hermann was able to provide the expert care they needed all at one place, so they could begin their recovery together.   Watch the story of their harrowing experience and journey to recovery.