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Online Presentations & Webinars

Children's Memorial Hermann offers a wealth of information on the services we offer. In addition to what we've included here we are constantly expanding our online presentation videos for you informational and educational consumption.

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We strive to cover as many topics and conditions as we can, however if there is a particular service, condition, or treatment you would like to see an online presentation on, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Pediatric Chest Pain


Pediatric Cholesterol Facts


Transcatheter Pulmonary Valves


Scoliosis Myths & Misconceptions


Vascular Anomalies


Cleft Lip & Palate


Pediatric Arachnoid Cysts


Adolescent Scoliosis


Pediatric Chest Deformities | Pectus


Hip Preservation for Adolescents


Pediatric Skull Deformities


Pre-Participation Cardiac Screening


Surgical Management of Pediatric Epilepsy


Spastic Cerebral Palsy


Tetralogy of Fallot


Heart Surgery for Newborns


Prenatal Heart Screening


Tethered Spinal Cord


Congenital Heart Defects


Retinoblastoma: Eye Cancer in Children


SIDS Risk Reduction


Children's Eye Health


Spina Bifida and Fetal Intervention


Pediatric Ear Nose & Throat


Brain Tumors in Children


Pediatric Brain Tumors




Living with Neurosurgical Conditions


Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia


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