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Patient Story
Mason Brown 2016 Thumb
Heart Full of Gratitude
Mason Brown, a former patient of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, was diagnosed in utero with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome,a congenital heart defect, and underwent his first open-heart surgery shortly after birth. After celebrating his fourth birthday, Mason and his parents, Erinn and Kevin, visited CMHH to hand out goodies and “have a day of gratitude” for the physicians and team at the Children’s Heart Program who cared for Mason throughout his operations and recovery.
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Jayden and Luke thumb
Baby Luke's Battle With CDH
When Megan and Ryan Webb were expecting identical twins, Jayden and Luke, they learned that Luke was diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and visited Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital for prenatal and postnatal care. After birth, their team of specialists preformed repair procedures on Luke,and now, both toddlers have crossed the developmental milestones for their age.
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Matt Craig Thumb
Fixing Matthew’s Leg - One Millimeter at a Time
Matthew and his family were at their house on Lake Livingston enjoying some family time when tragedy struck. 
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Jayda thumb
Laryngotracheal Reconstruction – A long-awaited resolution for Jayda Hector
After 12 trips to the OR at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, the six year- old girl was recently discharged from care in an office visit her mother describes as “bittersweet.”
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Ishaan Pavuluri
Ishaan Pavuluri Makes a Comeback
The Pavuliri family’s Easter egg hunt took a turn for the worst after finding Ishaan unconscious at the bottom of the swimming pool.
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Kevin & Karla thumb
Supraglottoplasty for Neonatal Laryngomalacia
One of the tiny twins combats combination of laryngomalacia, retrognathia and a viral infection.
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Cristian Patient Story

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Thea’s Story: Hemangioma, an Angel’s Kiss
During a routine well-baby checkup shortly after Thea was born, her pediatrician noted a small red spot on Thea’s temple, adjacent her right eye.
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BOE Dominic thumb
Back from the Brink: Dominic's Story
Dominic was only 18-months-old when he followed the family dog out the back door and fell into the family’s hot tub.
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Pedraza Story Retinoblastoma 80
Leila Pedraza’s Light at the End of the Tunnel
Three-year-old Leila Pedraza went to her first ballet class in September 2016, an experience that might have been beyond her reach without the medical skills of Amy Schefler, M.D., FACS, an affiliated ocular oncologist and retinoblastoma specialist at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital’s Texas Retinoblastoma Center in Houston, and Mark Dannenbaum, M.D., a neurointerventionalist at Memorial Hermann Mischer Neuroscience Institute at the Texas Medical Center.
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Darius 80
The Perfect Candidate for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy | Children's Neuroscience Center
Born seven weeks early, Darius suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage in the first few days of life – a common occurrence with premature birth. The hemorrhage left him with a single significant deficit: spasticity in the lower limbs...
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John's Story: Bracing Best for Chest
John's rapid growth in eighth grade, came with a side effect. A little unevenness in his chest wall grew into a noticeable protrusion.
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Cassandra's Story: Gastroschisis
As Sabrina sat at her 16-week checkup, she was expecting her appointment to be ordinary. However, after receiving her ultrasound, she found out her baby girl was diagnosed with a birth defect known as gastroschisis.
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Macy's Story: Cleft Lip and Palate
As Kenzie and Ricky attended their routine 18-week ultrasound, they expected everything to go smoothly; however, they received unexpected information about their baby girl, Macy.
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Remmy Barake
Remmy’s Story: Repairing Patent Ductus Arteriosus
When seven-year-old Remmy had occasional shortness of breath and seemed more tired than usual, it never occurred to his parents that he might have a problem with his heart.
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Riley L.
Riley L.: No Stone Unturned
When Riley’s parents enrolled her in a clinical trial for recurrent medulloblastoma, a fast-growing, high-grade tumor located in the cerebellum, her response to treatment was dramatic. The trial is available only at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.
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Ellis Roberts
Heart Failure Threatens to End Baby’s Life Before He’s Born
Florida residents, Sara Roberts and her husband, Dillon, traveled to The Fetal Center at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital after their unborn baby was diagnosed with a fatal condition known as bronco-pulmonary sequestration (BPS), which threatened to end his life before he was even born.
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Wesley Robertson
Infant Suffers Up to Fifty Seizures One Day and Zero the Next
April and Scott Robertson's 5-month-old son, Wesley, had up to 50 seizures per day before undergoing brain surgery by Manish Shah, M.D. and his team. Since the operation, Wesley has not had a seizure..
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Copeland Twins 2016 Thumb
Conjoined Twins Share Their Story – 18 Years Later
After 18 years, previously conjoined twins, Emily and Caitlin Copeland, share their story of being separated 10 months after birth.
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Hannah Hendricks Thumb
Hannah’s Story – Beating the odds to run again
Sixteen-year-old Hannah Hendricks not only has grit, she runs on it.
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Young Children and Bike Accidents: Recovery After a Biking-Related Brain Injury
It was Daniel Turya’s eighth birthday and he couldn’t wait to take his new birthday gift from his parents out for a spin. It was a shiny new bike, and even though he didn’t have a helmet, he was just riding right outside of his apartment doorstep with his buddies. Soon after he got on, he accidentally ran into his friend’s bicycle in front of him. His bike flipped, sending Daniel backwards off his own bike, where he hit the back of his head on the concrete. “He ran inside screaming and said it felt like his eyes were on fire,” said Daniel’s mother Loretta.
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MNI Houston
Tyerike Cleveland | Mischer Neuroscience Institute | Houston, TX
It was a blustery afternoon just like any other last February, when 14-year-old Tyerike Cleveland set off on his bike from his west Houston-area home, riding the trail behind his neighborhood to a nearby subdivision where a friend lived. He had made the same ride dozens of times and thought nothing of leaving his helmet behind. After all, he was just making a quick trip to retrieve a borrowed textbook, and didn’t even tell his parents where he was going since he knew he would be right back. That innocent bike ride turned almost tragic however when a driver in a pickup truck ran a red light where Tyerike was crossing the street, hitting his bike and sending him flying before he landed hard in the middle of the street.
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Abraham's Story
Abraham's Story - Pediatric Brain Tumor Program
Abraham was rushed to an ER where he was diagnosed with an aggressive stage IV brain tumor, medulloblastoma.
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Flynt Family
Surviving a Plane Crash - The Flynt Family Story
After a serious plane crash, the Flynt family makes a remarkable recovery – together.
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