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Children's Transport Team

CMHH Ambulances

For patients needing immediate access to critical care medicine, increasing the chance for survival and recovery means getting the best care as quickly as possible. The Children's Transport Team at Children's Memorial Hermann provides specialized emergency pediatric and neonatal transport services for patients from infants to adolescents around the clock, 365 days a year.

The Children’s Transport Team features a team of nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians highly experienced in pediatric and neonatal critical care. As a quaternary care facility, a Level I pediatric trauma center and home to a 118-bed Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital is equipped and ready to care for the most critical and severe cases. Our transport team regularly transports pediatric and neonatal patients from community hospitals, clinic and emergency departments when a higher level of care is required.

Modes of Transportation

Life FlightOur transport capabilities ensure that pediatric patients admitted to local, regional, national and international hospitals can be quickly transferred to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center or another facility within the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System. Depending on the location and severity of the child's medical condition, the transport team will use:

  • A ground ambulance service for cases up to 300 miles away
  • Memorial Hermann Life Flight® air ambulance for cases up to 150 miles away
  • Fixed-wing air transport worldwide

Memorial Hermann is the only Houston-based hospital system that offers this innovative service to transport pediatric patients as well as adult patients and care for them at one facility, helping to ensure all patients receive the best care from specialized physicians as soon as possible.

Our Trauma and Emergency Center (EC) is the only certified Level I trauma center in the Texas Medical Center able to admit and care for patients of all ages under one roof. This provides a unique advantage for families, especially in trauma situations when multiple family members are admitted to the EC, as we are equipped to care for the entire family unit in one place.

    Important Facts

    • Patient admitted to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital have access to the highest level of care, 24/7, including Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Heart Center Intensive Care Unit and the Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Children's Transport Team is led by pediatric and neonatal intensive care physicians.
    • The team routinely transports some of the most critically ill infants and premature babies including those born as early as 23 weeks' gestation and weighing as little as one pound.
    • As a Level I pediatric trauma center, Children's Memorial Hermann brings together a world-class team of clinicians, researchers and educators armed with the latest in research and technology to deliver comprehensive, life-saving services and 24-hour care to in the Texas Gulf Coast region.
    • Only verified burn center in Houston

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