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Dedicated CDH Research

Children who qualify have opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research studies conducted by the physicians at McGovern Medical School. The team not only strives to provide unparalleled care today but is fervently seeking the innovative therapies of tomorrow.

Based on international data collected, 30 percent of children born with a diaphragmatic hernia do not survive, and in many cases these parents make the decision to donate tissue for research as a way to help future children with CDH. The risk of death is related to the size of the diaphragmatic defect, associated anomalies, and the lung development. Working to decrease that number, physicians affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital are actively participating in basic, translational, and clinical research to improving the lives of patients with CDH.

The affiliated team of CDH specialists – including fetal surgery, pediatric surgery and neonatology – are dedicated to research and innovation for the prenatal and postnatal treatment CDH.

Research Trials


Medical journal articles authored or co-authored by physicians affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital (names indicated in bold) include: