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Prospective study to understand the pathophysiology of preterm delivery in pregnancies undergoing invasive procedures due to fetal conditions and autophagy in fetal membranes: A novel mechanism in

Lead Physician: Ramesha Papanna, M.D.

The purpose of the study is to understand the pathophysiology of preterm delivery after invasive procedures for fetal complications. Specifically, the purpose is to study the molecular, chemical and hormonal factors that play a role in the process of preterm delivery of these procedures.  Secondly, we would like to investigate the efficiency of generating various differentiated cell lines from human amniocytes.  Lastly, we would like to assess and quantify maternal behavioral traits such as depression, anxiety, coping style and stress response in patients undergoing fetal surgery and its effects on gestational age at delivery. Patients with a complicated pregnancy and who have chosen to undergo an invasive fetal procedure will be asked to take part in the study.

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