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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April was proclaimed the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month in 1983. Over three decades later, families and communities continue to work together to encourage the well-being of children and share child abuse and neglect prevention strategies throughout the month of April. The blue ribbon campaign started in 1989 and are displayed nationwide to promote awareness and prevention.

Pinwheels for Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse America was founded in 1972 to ensure healthy development of children nationwide in 50 states including all territories such as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada. Its successes brought the Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign in 2008. Blue pinwheels are showcased across the nation and represent a happy, uplifting childhood.


2014 Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Child population          7.3 million
Alleged victims of child abuse/neglect 273,091 victims
Confirmed victims of child abuse/neglect106.318 victims
DFPS child abuse/neglect-related fatalities151 fatalities

The most common… in percentages (%)

Person reporting abuse/neglect for completed investigations18.6 school
17.5 medical personnel
Allegation confirmed67.3 neglectful supervision
Confirmed perpetrator of abuse/neglect78.9 parent
56.6 female
40.6 ages 26 to 35
Confirmed perpetrator of abuse/neglect22.7 ages 1 to 3
51.1 female

2014 Houston Region Data

Child population1.8 million
Alleged victims of child abuse/neglect   48,398 victims
Confirmed victims of child abuse/neglect  9,020 victims
DFPS child abuse/neglect-related fatalities27 fatalities

*Reference: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. 2015. Data Book 2014.

Tips on Prevention*

For strategies on child abuse prevention, click here. Also, visit Escape Family Resource Center at for positive information on parenting.

  1. Keeping your family strong
  2. Making healthy connections with your family
  3. Feeding your family
  4. Preventing child sexual abuse
  5. Managing stress
  6. Managing your finances
  7. Helping your child heal from trauma
  1. Human trafficking: protecting our youth
  2. Bonding with your baby
  3. Dealing with temper tantrums
  4. Parenting your school-age child
  5. Connecting with your teen
  6. Teen parents… You are not alone
  7. Ten ways to be a better dad
  1. Raising your kin
  2. Support after adoption
  3. Military families
  4. How to develop strong communities
  5. Parenting your child with developmental delays and disabilities

*Reference: Making Meaningful Connections: 2015 Prevention Resource Guide. Child Welfare. 2015.

For more information on Child Abuse Prevention Month, contact us at 713-704-KIDS (5437).